Roping Approval


All approvals must be in 1 week prior to your roping. Please email all approval results to the secretary at You will receive a confirmation email when it is received.  PLEASE note the new format.  The MTRA is no longer using the 5% rule for approval.  Effective immediately the approval format is $50 Administrative fee and $2 a team.  Example:  Your roping had 66 teams.  Your fee will be $50 plus 66 x $2.  So you need to send a total of $182 to the MTRA.  The $2 fee can be absorbed by the producers or passed on to the ropers.  If you pass it on to the ropers it would go like this; Entry fees are $40/man.  I want to enter 3 times.  My fees would be $120 + 3$ so $123 total plus ground fees, etc…

Include directions and any contact info you want to include for ropers.

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