Manitoba Team Roping Association was Established

The M.T.R.A. began in 1975/76. The people who organized the association were Bob Keddie, Steve Hoff, Buck Baron and Wayne Sagin. The first roping was held at the Carberry Feedlot. In the early years of the M.T.R.A., points from rodeos in Manitoba counted towards the standings as well. Along with the previously mentioned people others that competed were (Prairie Pete) Pete Tkatchyk, Russell o, Mike Stinchcomb, Ron Miller, Jim Nugent, Ken Anderson, Bill Mutrie, Keith Robertson,Terry Marshall, Ken Kelly, Alvin Pingert, Terry Fredbjournson, Don Sollner, Lyle, Les & Orville Brown, Dennis Stiles, Bud Brennan, Jim Boles, Florant Lagault, Harold Houston, and Keith Foster just to name a few. Some of these people still rope today and some have gone to different interests with horses.There are also many sons and daughters that now rope in this association. A few to mention would be Warren & Leonard Boles, Zane Fredbjournson, Jerry Brennan, Pete & Eric Pingert, Chad Stiles, Lonnie, Shane & Lee Brown. Now there is a totally new generation that are members of M.T.R.A.

Over the years the M.T.R.A. have seen many changes. In the beginning there was one open category. Later changing to open & permit. Permits were for members who had not yet earned $ 500.00. Then another category was added later on, that being the mixed. This meaning you had to rope with a partner under the age of 16 or a female.After this the M.T.R.A. moved to the number system. The number system ranged from #1 to #8. Each roper was given a number based on his / her ability. #1 beginner and #8 who was NFR quality. Today the M.T.R.A. is using the TRIAD numbering system. this system uses numbers based from #1 ( true beginner) to #10 who is then a professional roper. Another change is the barrier system. Neck ropes and rope barriers were once used, now the electronic eye for steer and head horse are used, this speeds up the roping considerably. Also used are electronic timers attached to laptop computers. Thus making it easier for payouts and smooth running roping’s.

Today there are approx. 10 to 15 roping’s a year. They are held in various locations around Manitoba. The M.T.R.A held 87 members in 2008/2009. These ropers vary in age from 12 to 66, and come from all areas of Manitoba and also Saskatchewan. Team roping is a very social sport where you enter and draw with other people. This is great for making new friends.

The Manitoba Team Roping Asscoiation has been in operation for 30 years and with continued support from the members who come out and have fun to the sponsors we greatly appreciated it will continue for another 30 years.

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