Thank you to everyone that helped make this past weekend at finals a success! We will be posting results right away so keep an eye out for them. Our photographer for the weekend has posted pictures if your interested the link is below.




Kids Roping Category - This is for our up and coming ropers that are 14 years and younger as of January 1st. Please visit our Kids Roping page for more details. Two buckles already confirmed for the MTRA finals!!!


Thank you to the membership for all the feedback regarding the total roping count to attend finals. The rule has been amended and for the 2016 roping year you must attend 4 roping’s to qualify for finals.


Please Check the Website for further updates with Numbers and Membership Lists. Also if you are wanting your number to be listed on contact page for people looking for partners please forward your numbers to the email and it will be posted.



2016 MTRA Board of Directors

President – Cody Kelly

Vice President – Murray Moran

Secretary – Janet Rankin

Board of Directors – Kyle Dalgliesh, Martin Duval, Steve Sisson, Heather Manns, Carl Brandt, Dale Lowry, Chad Stiles












The M.T.R.A was established in 1975 and has seen many different walks of life from ranchers & business men to nurses and dentists compete in the association.

Team roping also known as heading and heeling is an event that features a steer (typically a Corriente) and two mounted riders. The first roper is referred to as the “header,” the person who ropes the front of the steer, usually around the horns, but it is also legal for the rope to go around the neck, or go around one horn and the nose resulting in what they call a “half head,” the second is the “heeler,” who ropes the steer by its hind feet, with a five second penalty assessed to the end time if only one leg is caught.

The Manitoba Team Roping association uses numbered ropings to allow competitors of any ability to successfully have a chance to win.

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